Volume 05


The fifth volume of The Devil’s Spice light novel series is titled Eiyuu no Matsuro or A Hero’s End. It is written and illustrated by Kanda Hikaru and edited by Kyle Tolray.


Action, Comedy, Tragedy, Romance, Psychological, Cyberpunk, Quasi-Harem

Story Synopsis:

The devil meets the hero.

Their inevitable clash shakes the rusted foundations of the world.

The monster is forced to choose between good and evil, between friendship and love, between truth and lies.

As the devil takes flight, her loyal wings watch the ground beneath her feet, wondering if it is paved by the bones of her enemies or the scraps of her own flesh.



Chapter 00: Your Lie in Spring

Chapter 01: Engagement

Chapter 02: Hero and Devil

Chapter 03: Partners

Chapter 04: Betrayed Expectations

Chapter 05: Confrontation

Chapter 06: Misunderstandings

Chapter 07: All Gallows’ Eve

Chapter 08: Cornered

Chapter 09: Friends and Family

Chapter 10: Between the Sheets

Chapter 11: Stealing and Sharing

Chapter 12: Fateful Decisions

Chapter 13: Tokyo Drift

Chapter 14: The Serpent

Chapter 15: Rendezvous