Volume 02

TDS_V2_Cover v2

The second volume The Devil’s Spice light novel series is titled Fuyu no Arashi or Winter Storm. It is written and illustrated by Kanda Hikaru and edited by Kyle Tolray.


Action, Comedy, Tragedy, Romance, Psychological, Cyberpunk, Quasi-Harem

Story Synopsis:

The devious mistress and her loyal butler go into hiding.

The chef-cum-assassin’s secrets are leaked.

The prodigy’s wings are clipped.

A silent storm barges into the chaos.

Chapters (PDF):

Chapter One: Cenacolo

Chapter Two: Late Night Delivery

Chapter Three: Squall

Chapter Four: Tenderized

Chapter Five: Secret Ingredient

Chapter Six: The Two Fishes

Chapter Seven: Substitution

Chapter Eight: Taking Orders

Chapter Nine: No Reservations

Chapter Ten: Last Call

Chapter Eleven: Unchained

Chapter Twelve: Peeled

Chapter Thirteen: Invitation

Chapter Fourteen: Spilled Milk

Chapter Fifteen: Valedictions


Illustrations -Possible Spoilers-

Definition of Terms

Character Profiles -Possible Spoilers-


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21 thoughts on “Volume 02

  1. Kanda Hikaru Post author

    Thanks for reading volume 1! It’s comments like yours that drive me to work harder on the story.

    I’m almost done with the 2nd edit pass for volume 2. The first three chapters should be uploaded by next week.


    1. Kanda Hikaru Post author

      I actually published it but haven’t had the chance to update the volume page and menu. I will do that right now.

      Illustration for chapter 4 is done also. Chapters 3 and 4 should be uploaded in a few days.

      Thanks for reading! I’m actually already working on the outline for volume 3.


  2. CBuHoKoT

    Thanks for continuation of your work:)
    I’ve read all chapters of volume 2 in one go, and I really like it. Also, is this volume ends at 13 chapter or you’ll post some later?
    p/s I think that while reading I saw some minor mistakes (like missing “no”), but I was totally engrossed into story to point at them in comments. Maybe I’ll try to do that later.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kanda Hikaru Post author

      Chapter 14 and 15 should be out soon. The epilogue has an illustration that I haven’t even started yet, so that might take a bit more.

      Thanks for your comment! I actually get very few of them, so each one is like fuel for me to focus on writing the story.

      Sorry about the errors. I really miss having an editor, but he has since moved on to his own writing projects, so more power to him. I would be ecstatic if you could point out those errors so I can fix them, but to be honest, I would rather you concentrate on enjoying the story. Having readers detract from reading to help me fix typos would be like putting the cart before the horse 🙂 Still, if it doesn’t bother you, any help in upping the quality is appreciated!

      I already have a rough outline for volume 3, but it will take quite a while before any of it becomes published. I usually write the entire volume first and then make major changes as I do the initial edit pass. Then I will start doing the illustrations as I make a final edit pass then upload them chapter by chapter. I hope that you will read the continuation once it comes out.


    1. Kanda Hikaru Post author

      Nothing makes me happier than comments like yours!

      I will be uploading the Definition of Terms and Character Profiles page tomorrow. I wanted to do it today but got stuck with work.


  3. Gaelas

    This was more than “The Feels”. This was absolutely gorgeous, and completely soul crushing at the same time. The story evoked such perfect empathy, that I felt myself burn with hatred. I was totally frozen when Kaika told Ageha about Saya. I felt true despair at the end of this volume.
    Please continue to create these – and I hesitate to use such a small, inadequate term – works of art that have delivered so much more than I ever expected.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kanda Hikaru Post author

      This is one of the best compliments I have ever received. Empathy is indeed my goal when I wrote those scenes, and I’m glad (this will sound odd) you suffered through them as much as I did.

      Thank you for the heartwarming words. I will endeavor to improve my writing to match up to such high expectations. I do not know if I will meet them in the coming volumes, but I will damn sure try.

      Overall, volume 3 will be less dark than the second volume, but I hope you will enjoy it nonetheless.

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  4. gnod5

    Aaaand I finished volume 2. This volume was much darker than the last, but I’m liking it. You made the characters even more realistic and “human”, at least in the way they interact with each other. Can’t say that I support Ageha’s actions though…
    Once again, I love your plot twists and the deceptions that are carried out. I love how you manage to tell the reader everything and yet nothing. It really shows through how much planning you put in your work. Kaika, who was chosen to implement your plots, is definitely my favorite character so far.
    However, there were many points where, if I was reading this as it was being released, I probably would have dropped the series. I would have become too distraught as a result of Saya and Rin. Thus, I’ll be waiting to read volume 3 when it is completed. I can’t wait to see what ideas you come up with next!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kanda Hikaru Post author

      Thanks for the detailed review!

      I completely understand your feelings about how dark volume 2 became. It was mostly a reflection of my state when I was writing it. That said, I wouldn’t change it. It’s unfortunate if people drop it prematurely, but I’d rather tell a story that some people would remember than one most people would forget.

      Volume 3 is a lot less dark than volume 2. It has more action and comedy as well. However, it still won’t be Disney happy. I think tragedy is an integral part of this story, and it keeps the events suspenseful yet at the same time realistic.

      I look forward to your comments once the entire volume is posted!

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  5. My Comment

    First of all Nice Story. I like it that you keep the adult stuff also in the Novel making it realistic. I do have some criticism I want to share, I hope you accept them and don’t mind reading my wall of text.

    1. I know you have this Novel as Quasi-Harem but I would have liked to see some good male chars (as in important to story). Just a minor thing to consider.

    2. Arashi when first introduced as a shy girl in front of convenience store was too obvious to be future enemy at least to me. I blame it on sudden interest shown by MC and circumstances. You could have somehow made it less obvious.

    3. When Arashi was shown killing the gang and it said her father was wounded, it was too obvious that he was one who attacked Saya. I think you should have batted us with some other false leads.

    These are the only minor criticism I have. Since suspense and trickery is one of the element of your story you should also trick readers a bit and not make the story obvious. One other obvious things was death of Saya at least to me.

    Bit of Opinion/Comment about Volume 2

    1. I did like the surprise of Jin/Yuuji. He was the main factor is breaking Kai’s plan. If it was another normal character things might have ended a bit differently. More likely Rin would have died or not tortured that much.

    2. I thought really hard about if Kai could have done things differently but I couldn’t think anything which would have given better result than what was accomplished. Just hiding or running away to other country could have been done but I do not think that was ever a option with the hunt and need for revenge.

    3. I am kinda with Kai with what she did in the last plan faking Saya’s death, using Rin etc. Rin was involved even if Kai didn’t involve her. Jin had entered the plot and if Kai didn’t perform the plan she would have suffered the same and more likely died. Even after Kai went to Rin’s house, I was thinking if Kai telling her everything or not telling her made any difference, but I think it wouldn’t change anything.

    Yes Rin suffered but it was not because of Kai’s Plan. She would have suffered even if Kai didn’t involve her as she was already involved because of Ageha. This is what I think.

    I had also thought what if Kai didn’t deceive Ageha and involved him in the plan actively. Lets say she told Aegha about Yuuji probably being a spy. Then Aegha would have probably caught him or not (chances of not is more). They would still be in run and it would now include Rin. Kazuki’s hideout was found out so Aegha would go to kill him and Saya would stay to protect Kai and Rin. Kazuki would be much more heavily guarded, even Aegha would fail. Kazuki will send assassins/merc to Kai when Aegha is not there. Saya would not be able to protect both Kai and RIn. Rin would 100% die with probably of Saya dying and even Kai. Aegha with the power of Plot Armor would be only heavily injured. Damn this sounds really bad but I think this most likely is what would realistically happen.

    Just some Speculation and Guess

    From how Vol 02 ended it is quite clear you are setting up Kai as Villain or she will turn into one now. If this is how it is I can see a ending where Rin will Die, when Kai tries to take back Ageha. Arashi will likely be the one to do it. Final Struggle/fight will be between Kai+Saya vs Ageha. Two monsters destroying each other.

    I am really looking forward to a awesome ending and hoping it not the obvious one I am thinking of (I think that it is what will make sense considering ending of Vol 02).

    Truthfully I would have liked it if Kai and Aegha were teaming up for a bit longer, I think this separation came too early.

    PS: I really really feel bad for Saya. Ageha really likes battered/broken girls. I do not like his decision to be going out with Rin so soon. It feels he is doing it out of pity and ignoring Saya. He should have at least properly talked with Saya, then I would have found it OK.

    PPS: Will read Vol 3 now. How many Vols are you planning because I kinda don’t see there is thank much story unless you are filling up with fillers, world domination by Kai etc. I am asking because you brought this massive separation of 2 big chars Kai and Aegha in Vol 02.

    PPPS: Could you just reply if you have thought of ending already or is it something which could easily change.


    1. Kanda Hikaru Post author

      Thanks for the awesome and lengthy feedback. I’ll address them concisely to avoid spoiling.

      1) That is coming in the future volumes.
      2) Arashi was intended to draw attention from the start. She is the cover girl, after all. I’m not sure why you immediately thought she was the enemy, but that might be because there are very few other possibilities.
      3) This wasn’t supposed to be a secret. That detail was put in so that readers would understand that he is the one who attacked Saya. This was to make the climax events not seem random.

      I won’t address the speculation because volume 3 is already published, but I have to say I loved reading them. I hope you keep them coming after reading the latest published volume. They will serve as good inspiration for future chapters.

      I already had an ending in mind even before I started writing this story. That said, I’m certainly open to changing it depending on how the plot evolves. My current lifestyle and mood heavily influences my writing, so this is quite possible. Right now, it is slated at 7 volumes.


      1. My Comment

        Ya me considering the girl (Arashi) enemy was because of circumstances and actually lack of distracting character. I am no way saying it was too obvious but to me it was. Maybe because I read too many Novels, Manga and saw Anime and somehow got that instinct. But then again if you used another girl as distraction, I would have been confused. Like the girl was not Arashi and just some random character.

        I think you should have used few extra paragraph and shown Ageha shopping before meeting some other random people. Just a minor thing but make things less obvious.

        Yes I got it that point 3. being made so that reader can figure it out. This thing when coupled with previous one made me criticize it a bit. By itself it was good nice set up of events and hints.

        I am looking forward to upcoming volumes. I myself am thinking of writing a story soon (has been preparing materials for more than a year, whenever I have free time). Your Novel gives me confidence to focus on mine. Thank you.

        And Thanks again for replying in such a nice manner. I hope your Novel does really well.

        PS: Your story would make a nice Anime. This not a flattery, I genuinely think it would be a nice Anime (yes with bit of improvement)

        PPS: Unrelated question – Are you Japanese or is that a Pen Name? I am asking because you write in English.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Kanda Hikaru Post author

          I’m not Japanese but I’m quite fluent in the Japanese language. A lot of the dialog and jokes in this novel are originally in Japanese, then I translated them in my head before putting them to paper (hard disk).



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