Volume 06

Updated 5/22/2017.

For all who have stuck with me until now, you shouldn’t be surprised that this is just the progress page. The sixth volume doesn’t even have a synopsis yet, but I figured people still wanted to know how it’s progressing.

This story will end at volume 7, and this volume is part of the final arc.

Rough Outline: 100%

Detailed Outline: 94.15%

Drafts: 14/16 Complete.

Chapter 01: 100%

Chapter 02: 100% – This was a long one at over 8k words.

Chapter 03: 100% – No excuses. Delayed by writer’s block. 7.5k words.

Chapter 04: 100% – I’m back. Ensis Core Interlude coming next.

Chapter 05: 100% – Sorry for the delay. FGO events and other things distracted me. This one is really long, clocking in at 17459 words. This is the longest chapter I have ever written period (because I’m generally concise). An Ensis Core chapter comes next before I continue this.

Chapter 06: 100%

Chapter 07: 100% – Apologies for the long hiatus. My real life went through a roller coaster ride, a phase more dramatic than drama, taking up more time than I thought I even had. However, I believe I am past that point now. I am returning, maybe not in full force just yet, starting with this update. Thank you for your patience, and I hope you continue reading and enjoying this story.

Chapter 08: 100%. I’ve decided to put Ensis Core on hold to continue this at a decent pace. Splitting my attention between two stories has slowed me down.

Chapter 09: 100%. Currently writing chapter 10. That should be ready in a day or two.

Chapter 10: 100%. Turned out much longer than expected. Almost 6k words.

Chapter 11: 100%. Turned out much longer than expected. Almost 5k words.

Chapter 12: 100%.

Chapter 13: 100%.

Chapter 14: 100% on 5/22/2017. This is over 10,000 words. This volume is the longest one so far, likely going over 90k words.