Ensis Core

Ensis Cover v3

Series Information:

  • Link to site.
  • Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Adventure, Action
  • This is a new fantasy story I’m working on while I’m preparing the rough outline for Volume 5 of The Devil’s Spice. This is a minor project with no illustrations (so far) and probably won’t get the same attention I give TDS, but I hope everyone can give it a try. It’s definitely not as dark and focuses more on comedy and adventure, but it keeps the brutal action and witty banter. I’m putting it on a different site but advertising it here just in case anyone wants to check it out.


Karius Corvider, a youth with the unique ability to sense emotions, is the heir to the most prestigious knight family in Arthas. Despite being the son of a legendary knight, his horrible sword skill earns him the ridicule of his peers. One day, he falls in love with a silver-haired beauty named Hilde after witnessing her amazing display of fortitude.

The only problem is she is a prisoner of war destined for endless torture and death.

Karius unleashes his magic, an ability he kept secret his entire life, and helps her escape. He doesn’t have much attachment to his home except for his sister Annabelle, but he is forced to leave even her behind.

But that’s okay because he gets the girl, right?

…Not exactly.

Hilde turns out to be a terrifyingly strong warrior who hates mages with a passion, and he is one of them. Exiled from his home, he travels the barren surface world together with his unwilling partner. Their adventure takes them to strange lands where they face deadly dangers and adversaries, from fantastical creatures to crafty mages… to Hilde’s terrible sense of direction.

Will Karius ever pierce Hilde’s heart? Or will her short sword pierce his first?