Definition of Terms

The terms are arranged as they appear in the second volume:

Cenacolo – Italian for “The Last Supper.”

Penne – Short, cylindrical pasta.

Puttanesca – Sour and salty italian pasta sauce typically made with garlic, tomatoes, olives, and capers.

Cannoli – A Sicilian dessert that consists of a tube of fried pastry filled with sweetened ricotta.

Basmati rice – An aromatic Indian rice that goes well with Indian curry.

Michelin starred restaurant – A restaurant given a one to three star rating in the Michelin guide. Only the best restaurants in the world are awarded Michelin stars.

Bechamel – A white sauce made from a flour and butter roux and milk.

Microgreens – A combination of small leafy greens used to garnish dishes served in fine dining establishments.

Sze Chuan cuisine – Cuisine originating from Sze Chuan, a province in Southwest China, that is characterized by bold and spicy flavors.

Kung pao chicken – A spicy Sze Chuan dish that consists of stir-fried chicken, vegetables, peanuts, and chilis.

Mapo Tofu – A Sze Chuan dish that consists of cubed tofu in a spicy sauce made from chili, bean paste, fermented black beans, and ground meat.

Mao Xue Wang – A Sze Chuan hotpot dish that consists of duck blood cubes, pork offal, and cubed tofu.

Sashimi – A Japanese dish that consists of bite-sized slices of raw fish served with soy sauce and wasabi.

Honey Badger – The most badass animal on earth.

Okayu – A Japanese congee that typically has less liquid compared to other east asian rice gruel.

Umeboshi – Japanese pickled plums.

Cantonese congee – A Chinese rice gruel that is cooked in much more liquid compared to okayu, resulting in a smoother and silkier dish.

Truffle risotto – Risotto, a creamy yet al dente italian rice dish, flavored with truffles.

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