Chapter Fourteen: Spilled Milk

It was already past midnight when Ageha arrived at his old school. He could still remember its layout, so he had no trouble navigating the premises. Carefully checking for enemies and traps along the way, he moved at a relatively slow pace.

He went inside the main building and headed for the courtyard exit at the other end. WIthout revealing himself, he peeked into the large open space and saw Rin, gagged and tied to a chair, underneath a leafless cherry tree. Jin was standing right beside her with a knife in his right hand.

“Come on out. I know you’re there,” said Jin in a loud voice.

Surprised, Ageha wondered how Jin had found him. He had been moving as quietly as possible. Thinking he had been exposed, Ageha walked out of the building. Rin immediately started struggling as her eyes called out to him. He avoided her gaze and stared at Jin.

“To think that you’d actually come out.” Jin flashed a mocking grin.

Ageha mentally clicked his tongue after realizing he had been lured out by a lie.

“Repeating that line every few minutes was starting to get embarrassing, but it was worth it.” Jin laughed like a successful prankster. “As gullible as ever. You haven’t changed a bit. Merry Christmas, Ageha.”

That minor defeat did not shake Ageha. He realized that it might even be advantageous for what he was about to do. He needed to play his cards perfectly in order to have any chance of saving Rin.

“…Who are you?” asked Ageha.

Jin observed Ageha as if he were analyzing a math problem. After a few moments, his face flared red in anger. “You really don’t remember me!?”

Ageha definitely remembered him, but he had also not forgotten what Kaika had told him before he left the love hotel.

“In order to save Rin, you need to make them think she has no value as a hostage. Fortunately, you have a mask and I’m your teacher. Time for a crash course in deception.”

It was not the first time Kaika had spoken to Ageha about acting. Kaika loved to teach, and in their time together, she taught him about various things. Drama, her forte, was one of the most common topics of discussion. Her crash course consisted of teaching Ageha how to apply what he already knew to a specific situation. For the next few seconds, he needed to play his role perfectly.

“Distract him by trivializing his value to you. Avengers hate that.”

“Did I kill someone you know?” asked Ageha calmly, his tone curious.

Jin looked at him in shock. “You fucking asshole! It’s me, Jin!”

“Don’t overact.”

He almost imperceptibly tilted his head to the side. “…Jin? What happened to your face?”

“You’re the one who broke it!!! After the doctors were done with me, I didn’t even look like myself anymore!”

“Keep it short.”

“I see. Not that it matters. You’re all going to die anyway.”

“Yeah, right! If you do anything funny, I’ll kill her.” Jin traced the tip of his knife on Rin’s face, causing her cheek to bleed slightly.

“Don’t hold your breath under any circumstances.”

Ageha, underneath his unfazed facade, desperately controlled his urge to rush towards Jin and pulverize his face.

“What’re you talking about? Didn’t you hear me? I said, ‘you’re all going to die.’”

Jin looked perplexed. “Aren’t you here to save her?”

“You still want more tips? Okay then. Be yourself. Aren’t you a monster?”

“Your head must have a screw loose. That woman betrayed me. Of course I‘m going to kill her,” said Ageha as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Rin started bawling after hearing Ageha’s answer. A torrent of tears flowed down her face as she gasped for air in between her muffled sobs.

Sorry, but there was no other way.

Jin’s confusion turned to fear. His expression reminded Ageha of the time when he had squashed his arm. Kaika and Ageha’s combined efforts had successfully deceived a master con artist.

“Y-You fucking monster!!!” Jin pointed his knife at Ageha.

It was a meaningless gesture because of the distance between them. After confirming that Rin was out of immediate danger, Ageha dashed towards Jin. Taken aback by this sudden attack, Jin was unable to react and stood frozen in place.

A grey-haired man wearing a military uniform rushed out of the shadows and ran to intercept Ageha. Jin was too close to Rin, and she would be placed in danger if he fought in her vicinity, so Ageha changed course and headed to the annex building instead. The soldier followed him inside. Ageha welcomed him with a back kick, but the soldier dodged it by spinning to the left and moving to Ageha’s side.

This guy is dangerous.

Ageha had not expected to defeat the enemy with his first attack, but he was surprised at how easily the soldier avoided his kick.

The soldier countered with a knife slash directed at his face. Ageha raised an arm to block the attack as he recovered from his whiffed kick. The blade, cutting through his suit and skin, produced a screeching sound as it scraped against his alloy forearm. Ageha hopped backwards and pulled out his dual knives from the bag on his lower back. They had switched positions during the scuffle, and Ageha’s back now faced the courtyard exit.

The soldier swiftly rotated his body and thrust out his left leg. Ageha was surprised by the speed of the soldier’s attack and was forced to block it with his arms. The impact pushed him backward. Without allowing Ageha to recover, the enemy dashed towards him and swung his knife towards his temple. Ageha ducked and countered with a stab aimed at the enemy’s chin. The enemy nonchalantly leaned his head back and avoided Ageha’s blade with ease.

His composure definitely comes from ample experience.

But how’s he avoiding my attacks?

Outside of Kazuki’s mindless cyborgs, it was difficult to imagine anyone being able to keep up with Ageha’s speed and power. However, the enemy was dodging his attacks with ease.

Ageha continued his assault and slashed his other knife at the enemy’s leg. The soldier’s uniform was torn open, but blood did not spill out.

So both his legs are cybernetic.

Ageha had already confirmed that at least one of the soldier’s legs were enhanced due to the speed and power of his kick. In order to analyze the enemy better, he had tested the other one.

The soldier drove his forefoot towards Ageha’s chest. Ageha parried the blow by striking it to the side with his palm.

His attacks aren’t nearly as impressive as his dodges.

I see…

Let’s test that theory.

Ageha swung his knife towards his opponent’s neck, but the soldier leaned back and dodged the knife’s arcing trajectory. The enemy continued his leaning motion and handsprung backward. Instead of pursuing the enemy, Ageha decided to use this time to profile him.

His upper body is completely human.

The enemy had not blocked any of his attacks and had relied completely on dodges.

He has bionic eyes.

The enemy’s offense and defense had a large disparity in effectiveness. That gap would make perfect sense if his motion perception was boosted by enhanced eyesight. Combined with his talent and extensive training, that enhancement allowed him to see and dodge oncoming blows. His attacks benefited less because they relied more on physical ability than perception.

An image of a sleepy-looking teen flashed through his mind.

Kazuki has a good eye for people.

But he doesn’t hold a candle to Kai.

The soldier remained motionless a short distance away. Ageha lunged forward and opened with two successive swings, which the soldier dodged by hopping back and then ducking. Without giving him time to retaliate, Ageha shot his knee towards the soldier’s face. The enemy leapt backward and narrowly avoided lethal blunt force trauma. Ageha promptly trailed after him and unleashed three slashes by spinning his body while extending both knives towards his target. The soldier’s vest was shredded by the first two strikes, but his flesh remained unscathed. The third slash had the longest reach, forcing the soldier to block it with his knife.

The soldier’s knife flew from his hand due to Ageha’s sheer power. Without losing composure, the soldier pulled out a handgun and started firing at Ageha’s face. Ageha weathered the storm of bullets by raising his arms to protect his head. The soldier took this chance to retrieve his knife. He continued firing his weapon while creating more distance between them. Ageha rushed towards the soldier as he guarded his face. Running out of bullets, the soldier holstered his gun and prepared for Ageha’s attack.

Ageha continued to push his enemy back using combination attacks. That was the best way to get around the enemy’s motion perception. By attacking incessantly, Ageha forced the enemy’s body to the limit.

The soldier was forced to block Ageha’s abrupt front kick by raising his alloy leg. The impact blew him away, and he crashed through the doors leading to the sports grounds. Their battle had spanned the entire length of the annex building corridor.

The soldier slowly stood back up as Ageha dashed towards him. Noticing that the enemy had taken a different fighting stance, Ageha braked. He eyed his opponent carefully to decipher what he had up his sleeves. While observing the soldier, Ageha caught the subtle movement of his lips.


Ageha immediately realized that he had been lured out into the open and fooled into standing still. He hurriedly raised his arms to cover his head. A loud gunshot echoed from the distance.

The bullet pierced his left elbow joint and rendered his arm immobile elbow down.




He blocked it somehow, but this should be enough.

Souichi visually confirmed the damage Ageha had just taken from Arashi’s snipe. His left arm was now useless.

Time to finish him off.

The gap in experience had defeated Ageha. The young man had failed to notice that Souichi had been communicating with Arashi during the gaps between their engagements. The more seasoned warrior had lured Ageha outside and had intimidated him to stay still. Even Souichi admitted that the young man possessed far more raw power and talent than himself, but those were not everything in combat. Luck and experience also heavily swayed the goddess of victory.

Souichi rushed towards Ageha as the latter was still reeling in pain, or at least, he should have been. Ageha blocked the blade flying towards his jaw with his right forearm and used his injured left arm to smack Souichi in the face. Since the arm could not move, the young man had used it like a whip. The force was relatively weak, but it was enough to momentarily stun Souichi. Souichi ran for cover as soon as he saw Ageha pulling out a handgun. Ageha fired several shots as Souichi leapt behind a tree. By the time Souichi peeked to check on him, Ageha had already returned inside the annex building.

He used his damaged left arm as a distraction to pull out a handgun.

He should be reeling from pain right now.


Souichi quickly gave chase. His state-of-the-art cybernetic legs allowed him to keep up with the young man. He generally spent most of his earnings on better equipment. Souichi saw money solely as a means to kill better. He also splurged on Arashi’s body and equipment, but that was no different than upgrading a weapon to him.

“He went deeper inside the annex building. Move to the south roof of the main building,” he said as he pursued Ageha.

“Roger,” said Arashi, her voice coming from Souichi’s earpiece.

Ageha leapt up a flight of stairs, and Souichi followed suit. The young man sprinted across the corridor and headed to the far end of the building.

It looks like he’s trying to lose me so he can escape.

The hostage is useless.

“Arashi, pitch a frag grenade to the second floor’s east corner window. It should be visible from your current location.”

Souichi could easily imagine where Arashi was because he had memorized the layout of the school and knew Arashi’s abilities inside out.


Arashi was on the roof of a different building. It would normally be impossible to accurately throw a grenade from such a distance, but Souichi was not worried in the least. He had hammered the skills into his daughter enough to have absolute confidence in her combat ability.

A compact grenade broke through the specified window and landed in front of Ageha. He quickly jumped backwards while protecting his face with his right arm. The shrapnel from the frag grenade dented his body armor and ricocheted off his legs.

Enduring the grenade damage, Ageha ran down the corridor and turned a corner.

Good. Keep going that way.

Souichi already knew that grenades would not be enough to kill that monster. He had heard about how he fought against Arashi from the girl herself. The current Arashi could be called unparalleled in terms of pure fighting ability, but Ageha had defeated her while holding back enough to keep her alive. Knowing how formidable their enemy was, Souichi had prepared numerous measures to increase their chance of success.

He glimpsed Ageha turning again into the main corridor and immediately pressed a button on his mobile terminal. A deafening explosion rang out. It had come from one of the remote bombs they had set up all around the school.

“Arashi, report target status.”

“The target fell from the second floor and dropped into the pool.”

Did that do it?

Souichi was unsure if the blast had killed him. Considering how heavily enhanced and armored Ageha was, it was possible that he had survived the explosion.

“Shoot him while he’s in the water,” he said as he followed Ageha’s trail.

“Negative. There are a number of heat signatures in the pool. All of them are stationary. I cannot identify the target.”

The burning debris that fell into the pool…

Souichi clicked his tongue.

“Shoot him if he surfaces.”


From the second floor, Souichi stared down at the pool from the gaping hole created by the explosion. He noticed Ageha’s weapon bag on the floor near the wall opening.

It must have been ripped off in the explosion.

He is barehanded now.

Ageha flew straight up from the middle of the pool. Arashi, who had been waiting for him, immediately fired. She hit her target, but Souichi soon realized that it was not Ageha but only a part of him.

He tore off his left arm and used it as a decoy!

Ageha had already gotten out of the pool while the father and daughter had been distracted. He dashed into the main building and disappeared. Souichi, still on the second floor of the annex, thought he would probably not catch up even if he gave chase. It would have been possible if he had jumped down earlier, but trepidation from seeing Ageha’s inhuman stunt had delayed him.

ARMS were no different from normal limbs when it came to nerve sensitivity to actual physical damage. Ripping off a cybernetic arm was just as painful as ripping off the original one.

And he did that right after being thrown off a building by a bomb explosion.

For now, Souichi opted to return to the hostage and stand guard just in case Ageha returned to save or kill her. He was more suited to guard duty than Arashi.

“Search the main building for the target and eliminate him. The target has no weapons and only one arm. He should be manageable quarry for you.”


Souichi detected a hint of excitement in her reply but chose to ignore it.




Ageha cursed inwardly after seeing Souichi standing guard near Rin. After losing his pursuer, he had gone up to the second floor of the main building and ran to the window facing the courtyard to check the situation. He had hoped that he could grab Rin and escape, but he was too late. The pain from his torn right arm coupled with the soldier’s quick thinking had resulted in the soldier beating him to Rin.

Rin was unconscious. Jin was nowhere to be found. He had probably fled the moment hostilities commenced. The soldier was giving orders to his partner. Ageha concentrated and listened to the soldier’s side of the conversation.

“Have you completed the sweep of the first floor? …Okay, proceed to the next floor. Be careful. It was lucky I bumped into Saionji that night. If those two paired up, we wouldn’t stand a chance.”

What did he say?


That night…

The clues that Ageha had been ignoring until now flooded back. A conversation with Kaika about Saya’s assailant came to mind.

“He’s a man in his fifties with short grey hair and scars on his face. From what Saya could deduce, both his legs are cybernetic. He’s highly skilled in melee combat. He managed to wound Saya that badly, after all.”

He remembered Saya coated in crimson.

It was him…

He had been consumed by helplessness and despair ever since Saya’s death. He had neatly compartmentalized those feelings for the sake of fulfilling his promise, but that did not mean he felt no rage. Precisely because he had bottled up all of it, his emotions had become more volatile, and the cage of his fury had been coming apart at the seams.

He remembered Saya’s blushing face.

It was you.

He remembered how he would never see it again.

You killed her!!!

Saya had died from a postoperative complication. Though the soldier had caused her injuries, he had not been the direct cause of her death. However, none of that mattered to Ageha. In fact, to the current him, the only thing that mattered was killing the man in the courtyard. The mirage of vengeance had unhinged Ageha completely.

Ageha landed on the courtyard with a thud. The sound drew the attention of the soldier, who immediately readied himself upon seeing Ageha. In contrast to his blazing emotions, Ageha steadily marched towards his target. He did not care that the soldier was calling for his partner during his approach.

Just like when he had fallen prey to wrath after learning Kousuke’s location, Ageha once again became a fiend. The blood rushing to his head sharpened his concentration and removed any form of inhibition. He no longer cared if his body withered to nothing afterwards.

The soldier closed in and launched a kick aimed at his left jaw, the perfect target because Ageha could not block with his left arm. Instead of dodging, Ageha decided to counter. It was a ridiculous choice. If his timing was off by even a split second, the kick would reach full velocity and smash his skull.

So what?

Consumed by rage, he committed to his ridiculous decision. However, unconventional choices were also the most unpredictable. The soldier’s eyes widened in shock as Ageha stood his ground and threw a right hook.

An instant before the soldier’s leg fully extended, Ageha’s fist collided with his thigh. Upon contact, Ageha locked all the joints in his cybernetic body and kicked the ground to amplify his attack.

Ageha’s blow overpowered the soldier’s kick, which had not reached its maximum momentum. The soldier staggered and could not defend against Ageha’s following low kick. It connected and damaged the soldier’s right knee. The soldier howled in pain, but he gritted his teeth and tried to jump back using his good leg. However, Ageha grabbed his vest and threw him in the air.

The soldier flailed around in midair about a dozen feet above Ageha. He was unable to reorient himself because Ageha had added a slight spin to his throw. The old man started falling down helplessly.

Ageha smashed his fist into the man’s left arm right before he crashed to the ground. The limb burst into pieces as if it was hit by a cannonball. The man coughed up blood after hitting the floor with his back. He wheezed, probably because one of his broken ribs had pierced through his lung.

Placing his foot on the downed soldier’s left thigh to hold it in place, Ageha grabbed the grey-haired man’s lower leg by the ankle and ripped it off. The soldier’s screams of agony interspersed with fits of bloody coughing.

Ageha slowly regained his sanity after seeing Saya’s killer in tatters. It occurred to him that he had to hurry up and finish off the soldier. He still needed to deal with the remaining enemy and rescue Rin.

Before he could stomp on the old man’s head, a burst of gunfire hit him. High-caliber rifle bullets tore through his body armor and threw him backward. He failed to alleviate the impact by rolling and skidded on the ground. He saw a teen girl jump down from the second floor window and then aim her rifle at him.


He had expected the sniper to be her. The expert marksmanship and the grenades pointed to her being the soldier’s partner.

Ageha picked himself up from the ground and dashed to the side to avoid incoming gunfire. Arashi pursued him like she did in their previous skirmish and threw a grenade towards him. Gambling that it was a time-delay grenade, Ageha kicked it away. It fell near the leafless cherry tree and detonated. Rin had luckily been on the other side of the tree and was shielded from the incendiary blast.

Arashi continued to shoot at Ageha, who kept zipping around at an insane speed. She managed to hit him in the thigh, and he fell forward.

However, bullets were ineffective against ARMS due to the way cybernetic limbs were constructed. The impact had an effect, but Ageha’s thigh was like a thick pole of alloy. It would not budge from mere bullets.

Taking almost no damage, he rolled on the ground and stood up. She aimed at him and pulled the trigger. Instead of gunfire, only a clicking sound came from the gun. Seeing her run out of ammo, Ageha instantly charged towards Arashi.

Arashi retrieved a magazine from her vest and ejected the one from her rifle. However, the sheer pressure from the incoming demon caused her fingers to slip. She still managed to catch the clip and reload, but Ageha was already in her face by then.

She leapt to her right to avoid his charge, but Ageha extended his half torn arm and struck her shoulder. The impact caused Arashi to flip in the air before crashing to the ground face first. Ageha stepped on her back to prevent her from getting up.

“I told you you were going to die.”

As expected, she did not reply.

“Surrender,” he said.


What the..?

Is she an M or something?

A loud creaking noise interrupted their reunion. Ageha turned towards the sound and saw the cherry tree burning from the ground up. The explosion from the incendiary grenade he had kicked away earlier had lit the tree on fire. The flames had eaten through the trunk, and the tree was about to topple over to one side.

Rin was on that side.

Ageha left Arashi and sprinted towards the falling tree. He barely made it in time and caught it with his right hand. His body strained to keep the tree from falling. He turned his neck to check if Rin was alright but saw something completely unexpected.

Beyond the unconscious Rin was the brutalized soldier, sitting up and aiming his handgun straight at Ageha’s head.

He was going to die if he did not move now.

Rin was going to die if he did.

He could gamble that the wounded soldier would miss, but that was a one in a million chance.

There was no time.

He followed his heart and made a decision.

He chose to abandon Rin.

His promises to Kaika and Saya had won out.

Before he could act on his decision, the old soldier’s cranium exploded.




What did I…

What did I just do..?

Arashi looked at her trembling fingers. She had already dropped the rifle she had just used to kill her father. Her knees buckled, and she sat on the ground.

Why did I..?


She looked at her father’s corpse a fair distance away. He had been the man who had battered her for every single mistake, who had confined her in the house for most of her life, who had failed to keep her mother from leaving, and who had robbed her of her speech and smile. Despite all that, she deeply loved him.

And she had shot him in the head.

Arashi’s eyes glazed over. Even though she could see Ageha struggling to move the tree away from Rin, she did not comprehend any of it.

She recalled what just happened. Again, she had been unceremoniously defeated by Ageha. This was no surprise. The entire battle, she had believed her god was undefeatable. As long as she herself held on, he would play with her indefinitely. She had absolute confidence that he would survive every shot she fired and every grenade she hurled in his direction.

That was why she had said the word “more” after her defeat. She had begged for it to continue.

Arashi started crying with a blank expression. Her tear-clouded vision could barely make out Ageha’s silhouette as he unbound Rin and carried her on his shoulder.

When she had seen her father aim his handgun at Ageha as he desperately tried to protect the young woman, she had thought that he was going to die. Her finger had moved on its own.

Ageha now stood in front of her.

“I won’t apologize because it was your own decision, but thank you. You saved Rin’s life,” he said.


“I would’ve had no choice but to let her die if you hadn’t killed that man.”

He would’ve survived anyway?

I killed my father for a woman I don’t even know?

Arashi wailed. Her face warped in sadness. She had just killed her father for nothing.

This is punishment.

Because my faith in him wavered.

“I owe you one,” he said as he turned and walked away.

Her feelings for the young man became twisted, the sweetness rotting and the flame flickering out.




Ageha laid Rin on the brightly-colored bed and sat beside her. The lights of the love hotel room were dimmed, but the walls were illuminated by pink spotlights. Ageha hated the decor, but he had to bear with it. Having lost his left forearm, there had been limited options for accommodation. A hospital would have been ideal, but he had no idea how far Kazuki’s hands reached. He had wanted to make sure Rin was safe.

The love hotel they had entered belonged to the red-light district near Ageha’s childhood home. Considering both distance and convenience, he had decided to let Rin rest there. The fully automated room selection system was perfect for people who did not want to be seen. That was also the reason he and Kaika had chosen to stay in a similar place the day before.

Rin stirred. Her drowsy eyes looked at Ageha and slowly focused.

“A dream..?” she asked as she slowly sat up.

“No, it’s not.”

Her expression flipped from confusion to surprise to relief. Then she started crying.

“I’m sorry..!” she said with her face marred by guilt.

Ageha was shocked. He had expected her to curse him for allowing her to go through such an ordeal. Her fingernails had all been torn off, and her face was bruised and battered. However, she had apologized instead.

“I’m so sorry!!!”

“No, I’m the one who should be apologizing.”

How good a person are you?

No, that’s not it.

How can you love someone like me so much?

“I tried! I tried so hard..! But in the end I betrayed you!”

She had taken his words at the courtyard seriously and believed that Ageha felt betrayed by her.

“I only said that so they wouldn’t hurt you! You did nothing wrong!”

“It’s this body’s fault!!!” She hugged herself and started clawing at her arms using her nailless fingers. Ageha’s words had not reached her.

Despite only having one arm, he easily collected her wrists in his right hand and stopped her from hurting herself further. She struggled at first but eventually slackened and bawled like a child.

“He made me come, Ageha..! I don’t even remember how many times..!” she said in between her sobs. Her tone was filled with self-hatred. She scorned herself.

Jin, I will kill you in the most horrible way imaginable. I promise.

Ageha embraced Rin with his right arm. She wrapped her arms behind him and cried into his chest.

“I’m so sorry! Please don’t hate me!!!” she shouted.

“There’s no way I could hate you. This is all my fault. I should’ve never involved you in my affairs.”

“Don’t say that! I chose to do this. I wanted to help you… Be part of your world. But… But I gave in… I betrayed you… even though I love you so much!”

In her fit of self-pity, she had blurted out her true feelings. Ageha had known about them for a while, but now that she had declared them, he had no choice but to answer. Ignoring her confession would be the same as turning her down in her current broken state. He had wronged her far too much to do something so cruel.

Saya’s smile flashed through his mind. But she was gone. If his broken self could mend Rin’s wounds even a little, he would be glad to do it. He had already abandoned her once when he was cornered. He was not about to do it again.

He placed his hand on her shoulder, gently pushed her away from his chest, and kissed the corner of her eye. His lips wicked away her tears.

Rin’s eyes snapped open in surprise. Her crying stopped completely, and she stared at Ageha with a puzzled look. He placed his hand on her face and caressed her cheek.

“Sorry, my hand must be hard and cold,” he said.

“Wh- What are you-”

“You really don’t understand?”

She made a shallow gasp. Tears started forming on her eyes again, but Ageha knew they were of a different nature from earlier.

“But, but I betray-”

He sealed her lips with his. At first, it was a light peck, but Rin gradually loosened up after Ageha licked her bottom lip a few times. She welcomed his tongue and entwined it with hers. Her fingers ran through his thick locks as she slowly changed position and knelt on the bed to better match his height.

Rin’s lips and cheeks were burning. Her skin was as soft as cotton and smooth as velvet. Her breaths gradually grew ragged. Pausing their sensual tussle, she parted their lips and leaned back.

“Are you fine with someone like me?” she asked.

“That’s my line.” He pulled her face closer and kissed her again. He tasted her honey and explored her depths. His hand reached for her left breast.

Rin jerked away on contact.

“I’m sorry,” said Ageha.

She had just been sexually abused by Jin. It was downright foolish of him to even think of touching her like that.

“No! I, I was just surprised… That’s all.”

“Don’t push yourself. I know it doesn’t sound convincing considering where we are, but I didn’t bring you here for that.”

Rin swiveled her head and scanned the room. Her face blushed further upon realizing where they were.

“I’m in no condition for something like that anyway.” Ageha looked at his missing forearm.

Rin followed his gaze and screamed comically.



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